London-based specialists in M&A, Sell-side advisory and investment funding

  • We focus on owner-managed businesses in niche sectors, including insurance, technology, recruitment and facilities management.
  • We help clients identify and pursue the best strategic buy- and sell-side match for M&A.
  • Our flexible fee structure focuses on value and aligns incentives with our clients.

Our team is led by current and former business owners or operators, with deep market knowledge and experience in our sectors; this enables us to provide practical, insightful and informed advice.

Our Services

Our approach

A highly-skilled team of entrepreneurs and advisors supporting you directly


Our advisory team comprises highly-experienced individuals who have built, transformed and sold businesses throughout their careers.

Based in London, we have spent considerable time in the United States, Australia, Europe (Paris, Amsterdam, Madrid, Luxembourg, Brussels, Berlin, Zurich and Nicosia), and the Middle East (primarily Dubai and Qatar).

Morphose Asia is located in Hong Kong, as this offers us a central hub for projects across Asia and into Australia.

Associate Network

Morphose Capital Partners recognises that to help businesses succeed there are a number of aspects which require specialist input and in these areas we draw upon our associate network.

The Morphose Capital Partners Network exists to help business owners and investors obtain access to highly successful individuals who will make a positive impact quickly and with certainty and was created in response to our clients, who saw the value in how we worked and wanted more specialist input in specific areas from us.

By using our network we can deliver a wholly integrated transformation programme from start to finish using the best individuals in the sector and can help you:

  • Obtain specialist advice in key areas that will enhance your return
  • Put in place the best processes within your organisation to drive growth
  • Access short-term resources targeted on specific outcomes
  • Identify a range of areas in your business to enhance value or reduce cost
  • Build high-performing teams