Delivering the best results in the most effective way

We work with clients across the EdTech sector to help them realise the next stage of their growth plans, be it raising seed round private capital and/or venture capital finance through to advising on exit strategy. We’ve deep experience securing funding for partner buyouts, management buyouts and advising on the structure of increasingly popular EOTs. We’re FCA regulated and our EdTech advisors have first-hand experience of building and selling their own businesses so are able to make a positive impact quickly.

The last few years have seen an increased acceptance and adoption of digitalisation in the education environment, and while the pandemic played a role in accelerating the usage of technology, a deeper recognition of its vast benefits continues its advancement.

The EdTech sector outperformed the wider technology sector in M&A activity in 2023* as technology has helped educational environments enhance and track attainment levels; deliver personalised and innovative educational content; and realise considerable savings and efficiencies through automating processes and joining up management systems.
Tuition platforms have also flourished, delivering high-quality immersive content and facilitating access to skilled teachers to an increasingly international audience. As our advisors have all been founders at some point, we’re always open to talking to companies however large or small to deliver practical, impactful advice and support throughout their lifecycle from start up to exit.