M&A Specialist Morphose Capital Appoints Tim Ellis to Accelerate Expansion into National Security and Defence Markets

Morphose Capital Partners, London-based specialist in Mergers and Acquisitions, corporate restructuring and finance, is pleased to announce its appointment of national security and defence industry veteran Tim Ellis as Advisor to expand Morphose’s presence in the national security and defence sector.

Tim’s strong pedigree in business development campaigns and ability to navigate the complex landscape within the national security and defence domain place him in a unique position to address the strategic needs and challenges of the ecosystem of small and medium sized businesses offering highly specialised solutions. Tim has worked for major national security and defence organisations including KBR, Leidos and Serco in senior business development roles across national security, defence training and logistical support.

He has also built up a successful business from scratch delivering some of the largest national change programmes for Home Office covering emergency communications, forensics and asset management. Furthermore, his tenure with the RISC Council and his membership of the ADS Security Sector Board where he actively promoted SME’s, have given him unique knowledge of security policy and regulatory requirements over the funding of defence interests in the UK.

Nick Atherton, Managing Director at Morphose commented,

“I’m thrilled that Tim has joined us to help make substantial headways into the buoyant and rapidly changing national security and defence market and to support our future growth. His appointment comes at a time of heightened global and regional tensions where development and ownership of key technologies and intelligence will determine outcomes, and having someone who really understands the importance and workings of this sector is deeply important to us.”

Nick continues,

“The continuing war in Ukraine has had a profound effect on the defence sector, serving to highlight the shifting nature of global allegiances and power. It has reshaped traditional warfare and technology has been weaponised in new ways, causing countries to radically reassess their military and technological resilience and capabilities at home and abroad. All these factors present risk and opportunity for the wider defence market.”

Tim comments,

“I’m pleased to be joining Morphose at this pivotal and diverse time for national security and defence businesses. While innovative startups address the major national security and defence challenges of our times, manufacturing, R&D, engineering, logistics and supply chains still remain the backbone of overarching national security. This backdrop creates so many opportunities, and consolidating old and new forms of defence will make for a really potent time. Morphose is agile, and has the depth of expertise needed to create innovative deal structures to help smaller defence businesses scale up quickly and I look forward to being part of Morphose’s successful future.”

About Morphose Capital Partners

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