Scaling for exit

1st March, 2024
Scaling for Exit
We thoroughly enjoyed hosting “Scaling for Exit” at 67 Pall Mall last night. It was both informative and entertaining and we’d like to extend a big thank you to all our clients and guests who came along to support us. Our brilliant panel of speakers offered up some exceptional insights into funding and exit options for SMEs, alongside details of their personal journeys of founding and exiting their own businesses and some of the pivotal decisions they made along the way.
Some of the key take outs from the evening include:-

– The market has changed over the past 2 years, and today investors seek tangible value and are displaying a lower risk appetite. However, the finance is still there for the right opportunities but it’s critical that companies are positioned correctly to secure it
– Even in the early start up phases, a business needs structure and a clear exit strategy to secure investment
– Aligned cultural values are extremely important both when acquiring or selling a business, because ultimately employees and practices need to integrate. There should be a plan for how the business operates post exit.
– SEIS investors need a 3-year plan or an exceptional early return because early exits incur penalties

Once again thank you to our exceptional panel Richard G. (Co-founder of Konversational – The ServiceNow Customer Workflow Experts), Dave Seaton (Director of Morphose and Ameroc ERW Ltd), John Silcock (CEO of Borland Insurance), Sarah Barber (CEO of Jenson Funding Partners – Certified B Corp) for sharing their experience, wisdom and insights with us last night.