Strategic Advisory

Increase the certainty of a value-enhancing deal.

At Morphose, we understand that preparation is key to achieving the highest valuation possible. We apply a proprietary Rapid Assessment Framework to gauge your organisation’s readiness and work closely with you to enhance corporate value.

Morphose understands the sensitivity involved in exploring and implementing an exit strategy; our team works sensitively and discreetly to help you achieve your strategic objectives.

We provide three core services:

Rapid Assessment

Our seven-day rapid assessment focusses on value drivers within your organisation. We can quickly identify key areas for improvement or change to maximise the value.

Our review covers corporate governance, client analysis, human resources and succession planning, corporate finance and intellectual property.

Technical Support

Implementing changes in an organisation can be a challenge.Our team will work directly with you to enact the changes necessary to increase organisational value.

Growth Strategy

If your sales or profits have plateaued or you would like to pursue a change in strategy, we can help you identify and test options to grow the business.

Our team can provide you with specialist bidding and tendering support. This includes reviewing market opportunities to help you pre-position, providing a frank assessment of your win probability and boosting capacity on pricing, bid writing, management and reviews.

Case Studies

Business Advice to help change process

Business Advice to help change process

Assessment of needs, issues and key success factors.

FM & Property Advice

FM & Property Advice

Options appraisal to front-line management of your facilities.

Bidding and Tendering

Bidding and Tendering

Start to finish Tender support and Bid Production.

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