Complete the best sale solution

From buyer identification to completion, we help you get the most possible for your company.

Our strong network of connections across the industry, from funders and investors through to business owners, allows us to act quickly to create the best outcome.


Retained Sales

You may wish to sell a business unit or part of a group and need to do this discreetly so that the remaining parts of your business are not affected. We can work with you confidentially and at arm’s length to help reduce the impact on your main business, whilst ensuring the maximum is achieved.

Interim Deal Management

It may be that additional funds are required for a new business venture or growth; we can assist you in the early stages to assess how this could be achieved and produce the key facts so that we can identify the right group to secure the funds and minimise overall cost.

Flexible fee structure

We can structure commissions so they fit the demands of the client, either as entirely fixed (in terms of time and cost) or flexible (entirely linked to success).

This allows for a large number of options, so we have a set of frameworks we have successfully used that we can discuss with you so we can decide which is the best to use.


Where the scope and outputs are highly defined, we can provide certainty of cost through a firm price to deliver the commission.


If the desire is to achieve a measurable goal, we can assign a final reward fee based on a proportion of the value of the goal. We undertake this either as a 100% success fee, or on a sliding scale basis.


Venturing – we can work on a co-venturing basis whereby we are willing to co-invest and share reward on that basis.

example Exit Management services

Interim Deal Management

Interim Deal Management

Supporting you through the change and providing regular updates.

Retained Sales

Retained Sales

Assisting you when selling a business or part of group.



Expert approach to identifying and securing the right acquisition.

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