Flexible Fee Structures

We can structure commissions so they fit to the demands of the client

Discussing your requirements, understanding your needs

We can structure commissions so they fit the demands of the client, either as entirely fixed (in terms of time and cost) or flexible (entirely linked to success).

This allows for a large number of options, so we have a set of frameworks we have successfully used that we can discuss with you so we can decide which is the best to use.

Fixed – where the scope and outputs are highly defined, we can provide certainty of cost through a firm price to deliver the commission.

Target – where the majority of scope can be defined we can fix this, and agree a target cost with approximate values placed against the elements that are still unclear.

Output – if the desire is to achieve a measurable goal, we can assign a final reward fee based on a proportion of the value of the goal. We can undertake this either as a 100% success fee, or on a sliding scale basis.

Venturing – we can work on a co-venturing basis whereby we are willing to co-invest and share reward on that basis.

The easiest way to find out how this can work for you is for us to discuss your requirements, understand your needs and enable us to propose a way forward.