Paul is a successful business and finance entrepreneur with a deep knowledge of the support services sector.

Paul spent a number of years in banking with Barclays before embarking in a career change seeking direct involvement in the business services sector.

Paul had seen the step changes (as a retail banker) that were happening within the contract cleaning market and realised the opportunity and potential of creating a series of customer-specific cleaning company ventures specialising in exceptional front of house service, offering a premium solution to what then was perceived as a low service industry.

Four companies later, in 1996, Paul and his business partner created a very successful ‘core business’ contract cleaning services organisation supplying 10,000+ cleaners to over 3,000 different daily locations throughout the UK alongside the establishment of operations in France, supporting some of the UK’s best known brands as customers.

The business went on to continued growth and ultimately in December 2013, Paul led the successful sale of ICM (Integrated Cleaning Management) to a FTSE 100 Company who specialised in the support services industry.

Paul brings a wealth of experience in operations and large team management, customer service, client development, profitable growth and finally a deep insight into what it fundamentally takes to create a business that can be sold for high multiples.

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