Services available at Morphose

We provide two distinct but interlinked services – Advisory and Brokerage.


Advisory service

With our considerable experience in solving problems and creating long-term success, we understand the value in critically assessing the need and options at the earliest stage we are approached.

A passion to see things improve is what drives us, which could be as simple as reducing cost of maintaining properties whilst improving service, through to establishing a new successful business venture for one of our clients.

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Having completed a number of deals whereby we have either enabled the sale or completed the purchase of a business, we understand the intricacies driving successful mergers and acquisitions.

Importantly, our understanding comes from not only advising on M&A, but also in having been owners of businesses that were sold – we appreciate the needs from both sides of the fence and can therefore offer better advice both prior to and during a sale process.

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Advisory & Brokerage together

Whilst each can be provided separately, there are times when we combine the Advisory and Brokerage elements.

This is often the case when we first meet a potential client and we need to define the objective, or what appears as a simple disposal/acquisition has more options following an initial meeting.

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