Looking at a range of energy-related options

pipe at the gas processing the factoryOur focus on infrastructure (major projects in particular) has seen us working with energy groups from an early stage to reduce the environmental impact of a project.

Being involved in long-term operating concessions in excess of 10 years has also made us appreciate the need to include a range of energy-related options from the earliest stage and to mitigate possible future changes.

The experience and insight gained ranges from minimising energy consumption in buildings through to helping groups market major renewable energy projects to secure refinancing both in the UK and globally.

Morphose have directly participated in energy schemes and formed an approved network of associates who undertake consultancy, construct schemes or put in place operating regimes to control energy consumption, as well as having links to investors in energy schemes.

Investors range from individuals who see market opportunity in establishing new business operations, through to large funds seeking long-term secure income streams.