From traditional buildings through to INFRASTRUCTURE AND PROJECT FINANCE

airportMorphose look upon Property in its widest sense, encompassing a range of infrastructure types – from traditional buildings through to roads, dams or ports – and the supporting groups that make up this industry such as project managers, architects and planners.

We do this as we believe property (the actual asset) is an enabler to the wider benefits it can deliver, such as the business opportunity it creates to realise value both monetarily and socially.

Having directly participated and shaped parts of the industry, we have both insight of current issues as well as access to investors and groups that are shaping the future.

From carrying out research on specific areas of potential investment through to organising workshops, participating as partners in development schemes or brokering deals between businesses, we can help unlock value.

Recent commissions have seen us help owners realise value and to reinvest in their core business by releasing funds from non-core property holdings and identifying a UK-wide property rationalisation, delivering a disposal surplus after property upgrades.

Our Brokerage arm has enabled introductions that have resulted in both the purchase as well as merger of groups within the consultancy area of this industry.