M&A Specialist Morphose Capital Helps Secure Partnership Between Scotland-Based JGCEngineering and Engineering Group Langfields

Morphose Capital Partners, London-based specialists in Mergers and Acquisitions, corporate restructuring and finance, is pleased to announce the equity partnership between JGC Engineering and Technical Services Ltd and Salford-headquartered engineering group Langfields. Morphose Capital Partners acted as advisors to JGC Engineering throughout the process leading to deal completion on April 21, 2023.

JGC Engineering and Technical Services Ltd, is a long-established family owned and run engineering business located in Thurso in the Highlands of Scotland. The business was established in 1972 by Jock Campbell initially focusing on welding but over the years has expanded into highly specialised steel design and fabrication for high-growth clean energies including nuclear, wind, wave and tidal. JGC approached Morphose Capital Partners to help them identify a suitable investment partner, advise on terms, help structure the right deal and support the board and shareholders throughout the process.

It was important for JGC to find a partner whom they respected and could work with since the senior team at JGC wanted to continue within the operation to grow the business to the next level. This was an ideal condition for Scotland-based Envoy Engineering Group, who were familiar with JGC’s excellent reputation for steel engineering for renewables and had a successful track record in integrating existing teams into their wider business.



Envoy’s existing investee business Langfields engineering group was used to fund the partnership, and the deal sees Langfields assume a majority equity share in JGC, while retaining the expertise of the JGC management team. This partnership approach works well for both parties since it provides continuity of senior management in the combined business and provides further financial upside for the team through retained equity. The unique engineering and manufacturing expertise this partnership brings will help consolidate the combined entity’s position at the forefront of design and manufacturing for renewable energies and oil and gas plants throughout the UK.

Dave Seaton, Director at Morphose commented,

“it’s been a pleasure working for Will and his team at JGC and great to see such a positive result that achieves everything the stakeholders sought from the outcome, namely a partner that they respect and will enjoy working with, a group that can help support the future growth of JGC and an opportunity for the executive team to play an active role in the next chapter of JGC’s story.”

JGC Managing Director Will Campbell welcomed the investment as a boost for the business’s growth ambitions.

“After five decades of family ownership we are certain Langfields will support JGC to grow to the next level, provide a platform for our staff to develop and for the business to benefit from the substantial growth in demand for new and clean energy sources,” he said.


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