Negotiated position for solar/wind in major infrastructure

Our client is a designer of large-scale energy projects and an installer of solar, photovoltaic and wind assets to produce hot water and electricity.

They had reached a point in the UK where the market had been flooded with groups selling what they felt was inferior product; however, these groups were winning work based on their lower costs. At the same time changes in the UK Feed-In Tariff (FIT) were limiting the opportunity to grow.

We worked with the client to identify large-scale overseas projects where we could work with other groups to provide our client with a unique position in turnkey projects, whereby they would become part of the lead team from an early stage.

In addition, we identified an overseas power company who wanted to gain a foothold in a new geographic area with a complementary business that reflected their values and could offer them a route to market for their product.

By combining these two groups informally through a venturing agreement, we were able to identify a number of projects and secure our client a negotiated position for a major PV farm, which would also incorporate combined heat and power (CHP) through the overseas power company.

Our ability to understand the key factors in delivering a successful infrastructure project (enabled by our property and FM backgrounds), together with our experience in brokering deals, allowed us to form an agreement between the parties to create value.

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