Off-market sale with key management retained

We were contacted by a group in a ‘distressed’ position who needed to move quickly and had concluded that a trade buyer was their best option given time pressures.

Our team quickly mobilised and undertook an initial review so that we understood the key operational issues affecting the business. We used our accountant to identify the main issues in the management accounts so we could verify this against our own findings.

From this we were able to identify what was required to rectify the problems facing the business, and then to assess which groups could address these and therefore carry out a successful purchase.

With our access to a range of senior executives, we quickly identified a group of potential buyers and arranged meetings under full confidentiality, enabling an off-market sale to take place. As a result, there was no negative impact on the operations, staff or clients.

In this way, our ability to undertake a business review and understand the potential buyers allowed us to ensure a smooth and successful sale.

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