A revised mid-term business plan and list of key targets

Our client is a successful project management and operations business with a strong reputation in high risk and business critical environments.

Whilst they have been successful over the years, their core business remains heavily reliant on a limited core set of clients and services provided. This limitation can at times expose them, so they considered diversifying the services they provide to generate other income streams.

Given the scale of the business, an in-house led assessment would have distracted them from their core business, so we were asked to help run a number of workshops with the aim of assessing how they could enter new markets.

We worked with leadership team to assess their options, current strengths and opportunities and to clarify their key objectives. This resulted in a number of options given the strong management team that our client had, but over the course of several workshops we reached consensus.

From this point we carried out a market review that identified a number of companies our client could acquire, which in turn led to an intensive assessment of which companies offered a best fit.

The outcome was that we agreed a revised business plan based on the findings from our market review and the options this presented our client.

At the same time, a number of external factors affected our client, and as a result our initial plan has become a ‘watching brief’ on the market until our client feels the time is right to acquire.

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