Identification of over £500m of benefits

As part of a business acquisition, we undertook a review of the property assets and worked closely with the client acquisition team to assess both cost-saving initiatives and development gain.

Our client was buying a business that had a number of production sites in a range of locations (edge of town to rural). These sites were in varying conditions of upkeep and also needed to be able to meet modern manufacturing standards.

By working closely with the operations and the estates team, we were able to quickly identify which properties could be surplus, where best value could be achieved and also how surplus funds could be reinvested in a transformation programme.

We also assessed the wider market and were able, once we had outline options, to meet with local planners and development groups. This allowed us to identify local authority grants and also how our plans could release other benefits for local stakeholders in each of the sites we had prioritised.

Through our plan we were able to not only identify a significant surplus from disposing of non-core property, but by working closely with our client’s operational team, we also enabled re-investment in certain properties to create ‘best in class’ manufacturing sites.

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